How to Make Your Home Appeal to the Senses this Holiday Season


If your home is for sale during the holiday season, one of the best things you can do is make it appeal to the senses by incorporating smells that are familiar to home buyers and remind them of special memories that they have had from past holidays. Here a few ways you can achieve this.

Start a Fire in Your Fire Place

Does your home have a fireplace? If so, it is ideal to light a fire before buyers arrive to tour your home because almost every home buyer will dream about cuddling up in front of a warm fire and actually seeing the fire going in the fireplace will make them want to buy your home even more.

If you don’t want to light a wood fire in your fireplace, you can still have the effect of a fire by lighting a ready to burn log in your fireplace. These are clean burning, and typically last for about three hours, compared to a traditional wood fire that may only last for about one hour.

Bake Cookies

Another great way to stage your home with holiday scents is by baking cookies in the oven because the small from the cookies will leave your home smelling fantastic and buyers can leave your home with a sweet treat.

Cookies aren’t your only option for staging your home with holiday scents! Consider baking a pie in your oven, or mulled wine in your slow cooker, since both of these options will leave your home smelling delicious when buyers arrive.

Add Some Evergreen to Your Home

One of the most iconic aspects of the holiday season is the Christmas tree, but if you are allergic to pine and can only have a fake tree in your home you should still incorporate evergreen smells into your home. This can be done by using essential oil or pine, or pine-scented air fresheners in your home without having to purchase a real Christmas tree.


These are just a few ways you can stage your home with scents of the holidays. Contact us at DBL Real Estate with the link below for more information!

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