DBL Real Estate Provides Tips on How to Make a Small Backyard a Selling Point

small backyard

Never underestimate the power of a space on its size. While your listing may be size-challenged in the yard department, that does not mean it can’t still be a showpiece. There are numerous ways you can enhance a small space, from setting a focal point to using reflective materials, tweaking the furnishing scale, accenting with container gardens and layering the light. DBL Real Estate will provide tips on how we make your small backyard a selling point.

Tips for Making Your Small Backyard a Selling Point Provided by DBL Real Estate

1. Show Off the Green

Prune plants so they are more vertical than horizontal, as this trains them to grow up rather than out. Consider creating a vertical wall of planters, such as containers or ornamental grasses.

Additionally, using retaining walls, raised beds or extra long, slender containers can raise plant height by several feet. This can make the backyard appear much larger and welcoming to potential home buyers.

2. Create Functional, Inviting Spaces

Small backyards can even show off a dining space or an area with comfort chairs around a fire pit. Demonstrate how this space can be used and is great for entertaining purposes.

Creating functional, inviting spaces in your small backyard shows that the space can be used for homeowners and guests to enjoy. It will build interest among potential home buyers.

3. Accentuate the Far Side of the Yard

Getting buyers to gaze across a stretch of yard allows the space to feel larger. For instance, place a bench at the far side of the landscape, surrounding it with lush greenery.

Home buyers will see the space as much more than a small backyard by doing this, thus increasing their interest.


These are just a few helpful tips on how we can make your small backyard a selling point. Contact us at DBL Real Estate to help sell your home!

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