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In today’s market, finding a real estate broker that is trust worthy and actually has a great grasp on their job and how to do it correctly may seem like a hassle. However, if you are looking in all the right places finding a broker who can help you buy or sell property may not be as hard as you think, follow this guide on questions to ask your broker to gain an idea on their experience in the market.


Home Appraisal

Ask your potential agents how much they think they can sell your home for. In many cases, if you ask multiple agents this question two of them will give you a reasonable $300,000, whereas the third one will give you a higher sale price, such as $400,000. It is likely that the high bid is an exaggeration to attract your business. In the end you will be the one who pays because the high price will scare away potential buyers before you inevitably drop the price.


Broad Selling Tactic?

If your brokers only answers to the question “How will you go about selling my home?” are running a few ads in the local paper, listing it on the internet and holding an open house, then think about choosing a different broker. They should be able to talk about what kinds of people are likely buyers and how he will reach out to those specific people.


Specialty and Success Story

Every agent usually has a success story, but this question will give you a much better feel for what this practitioner is like as a salesperson. If you’re selling a home in a community full of younger families, hiring an agent who usually sells or buys from seniors is typically a bad idea. It doesn’t mean that if he or she only sells condos that he or she can’t sell a house, but they might not be geared up to do the best job.

Expectations good salesperson will have expectations; he or she may want you to leave and take the dog when the house is shown, paint the garage, move some furniture around and scrub the tile in the bathroom. It shows that your broker can think like a buyer, and this is great because in most cases that is a requirement that is lacking.


What Is Your Fee?

Forty-six percent of sellers Consumer Reports surveyed this year attempted to negotiate a lower commission rate. About 71 percent succeeded and those people where just as satisfied with the performance of their real estate agents as those who paid the standard 6 percent or more. In short, if you don’t ask you don’t get.


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