Renovations: Bathroom Do’s and Don’ts


One of the best ways to increase the value of your home is by renovating your bathroom and giving it a functional and visual refresh. There’s a lot of information to see to and plan when it comes it remodeling your bathroom. Many may be wondering what the right and wrong projects are to increase the resale value of their home. This article will discuss the do’s and don’ts of bathroom renovation.

Do Set Up a Budget

Set up a budget prior to beginning the renovation project. Be sure to consider the extra cost for incidentals that might happen along the way such as water damage or mold as well.

Don’t Skip the Design Plan

Who the new bathroom is being used by most should determine the layout and functionality.

  • For a kids’ bathroom consider putting a double sink in for faster morning and bedtime routines. Also, depending on how young your kids are, consider adding a built-in, pull out, step stool to help little ones reach the sink. Another option to consider is a no-slip tile to avoid any bath time accidents.
  • If you are renovating a guest bathroom it is important to make the guests feel at home. This can be done by incorporating extra shelving so they can have a place to store their items without feeling intrusive. Built-in shelving in both the wall and shower can really help achieve this.
  • The master bathroom is the place to incorporate spa-like features in your home, if you are looking to do so. Consider adding a heated marble floor (the small space will keep the cost down). Other options to consider include a walk-in shower and plenty of natural light.

Do Choose Durable and Stylish Surfaces

Choosing surfaces that are not only durable, but also stylish is a great way to increase the value of your home. Stone, porcelain and composites are all good choices.

Don’t Stop Thinking About Tomorrow

If you are remodeling for personal reasons and not necessarily planning on selling your home, it is always important to consider what you and your family will need as you all age.

Do Maximize Storage Capabilities

Does your home have adequate linen or hall closet space, or is your bathroom your primary storage place for all your towels and toiletry supplies? Consider wall-to-wall storage with built-in recessed lights for extra storage space.

Don’t Move the Plumbing and Ventilation

Two features that are some of the most important and functional of a bathroom are the plumbing and the ventilation. Unexpected plumbing incidents can be expensive, so base all renovations around the existing plumbing.

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