Renovations: Do’s and Don’ts


When it comes to renovating your home, whether it’s to increase the property value or just to upgrade for personal reasons, there’s a few things to consider. Here are some do’s and don’ts of basic home renovations.

Installing a New Front Door

DO: Install an energy-efficient steel front door. Selling your home is about good first impressions. And first impressions begin at the front door.

DON’T: Install a fiberglass door. More expensive doesn’t always mean nicer or higher sale price.

Adding a New Room

DO: Add a spare room. By converting an unused basement or attic space into an extra bedroom you can open up your home significantly to more potential buyers.

DON’T: Add an extra bathroom. This can be an extremely expensive add-one due to plumbing, wiring and tiling costs. If you only have one bathroom home value can increased by adding a powder room.

Wallpaper Vs. Paint

DO: Paint. A new coat of paint is the cheapest and easiest way refresh a room. And if done by yourself as a DIY project, the only costs will be for paint and brushes.

DON’T: Wallpaper. If you’ve ever had the experience of removing old paper, you know how dreadful of a task it is.

Cabinets and Shelving

DO: Replace cabinet hardware. Updating the handles in your kitchen or bathroom is a great, cheap and easy way to add some flair to your home.

DON’T: Remodel your home office. Most buyers will look at built-in desks and shelving as something they’ll have to spend extra money on to convert it back to a bedroom.

Exterior and Landscaping

DO: Landscape your property. A mix of perennial plants and some vibrant low-cost annuals can give your home a great curb appeal.

DON’T: Install an in-ground pool. Many buyers will cringe at the extra an ongoing maintenance that will required and fear the long-term repair and replacement costs.

Minor Vs. Major Upgrades

DO: Make minor repairs. Search your house top to bottom for things like chipped paint, missing or cracked outlet covers to replace and so on. These DIY tasks are cheap and will be very rewarding.

DON’T: Add a sunroom. Sunrooms can be expensive to install, and buyers will apprehensive of the potential costs of replacing dated and aging windows.

Appliances and Back-Up Generators

DO: Upgrade your appliances. You’ll cut back on your utility bills with energy-efficient appliances as long as you’re in the house. These appliances will also look great for potential buyers.

DON’T: Add a back-up generator. While this may ease your mind to help you weather any storm, buyers will not like the extra premium costs for this addition.


These are just a few basic do’s and don’ts of home renovations. Stay tuned for the do’s and don’ts of kitchen renovations, bathroom renovations and more.

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