The Top Backyard and Patio Staging Mistakes DBL Real Estate Has Seen with Home Sellers

backyard staging mistakes

Having a great outdoor space is at the top of most home buyers’ checklists. So even if you listing does not include a large lawn or an over-the-top patio, it is crucial to show buyers that the home still offers the perks of an indoor-outdoor lifestyle. Make sure to avoid these common outdoor staging mistakes when trying to sell your home.

Backyard and Patio Staging Mistakes DBL Real Estate Has Seen and How to Avoid Them

Backyard Staging Mistake: Overgrown Landscaping

Get rid of the weeds, and trim the bushes. Nothing makes a house appear unloved faster than an overgrown lawn or patio with dandelions poking through every crack. As a home owner, if you are not around to keep the landscaping in check, consider hiring a weekly service for the duration of the listing.

Patio Staging Mistake: Lack of Furniture

It’s difficult to imagine reading on the porch or serving dinner on the patio when there’s no furniture around. Conversely, if buyers see a dining table with a festive umbrella or a pair of cushioned lounge chairs with a side table for drinks, they will perceive they space as valuable additional square footage where they can unwind with family or entertain.

Patio Staging Mistake: Dust and Dirt

When unused, patios and walkways collect a layer of grime that should be removed when staging the home. Consider pressure washing surfaces and pay close attention when sweeping and dusting spots such as exterior window ledges, thresholds and basement stairwells.

Backyard and Patio Staging Mistake: Clutter

To the home buyer’s eye, specific items you are used to seeing in their yard or on their patio can look like unwanted junk. Clearing the clutter can fix this issue. Plastic storage boxes, toys (except for nice swing sets, which can be appealing in family neighborhoods), tools, faded furniture cushions, dated lawn sculptures, rusty grills and other similar clutter must go.

Backyard and Patio Staging Mistake: Not Having Flowers

Depending on the season, colorful blooms in containers, window boxes or beds can greatly improve the perception of a home’s exterior and outdoor space. Even during the winter months, you can fill planters with greenery and berries to welcome potential home buyers and make the home appear cozy and well tended.

Hire DBL Real Estate to Avoid These Mistakes and More

These are just the top staging mistakes DBL Real Estate has noticed when people are trying to sell their homes. Avoid these mistakes by hiring DBL Real Estate to help you sell your home. Don’t hesitate to contact us with the link below for more information!

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