Weird Things that Can be Ignored when Home Shopping


Ugly paint colors? Treadmill in the kitchen? Creepy family portraits in every room? Don’t let it bug you. As a seller, they are not required to get their home in its best condition before showing term — let alone cleaning their home before listing. But one seller’s laziness can spell a huge advantage for the right buyer. Here are a few things that may be off-putting when you’re shopping for a home, but shouldn’t stop you from considering making an offer — especially if you love the home, layout or location.

Odd Wallpaper and Dirty Carpet

Buyers today typically prefer a home that’s turn-key or move-in ready. They’re too busy with their day-to-day lives to take on renovation, which is especially the case for the continuous connected, mobile-friendly millennial home buyer. However, painting walls and replacing carpets isn’t always as time-consuming or expensive as it may seem, and you can do these projects before moving in.

If a seller won’t replace their shag carpet or paint the interior a neutral color, they’re really shooting themselves in the foot. Applying a fresh coat of paint and finished floors or new carpet to the home won’t break the bank or take more than a week, and the end product will be a like-new home for you to move into.

Rooms Being Strangely Used

It is not unusual to see a home’s dining room transformed into a full-fledged office. Some homeowners have a bedroom doubling as a walk-in closet, or even a wine-testing room.

Simply because the homeowner uses these spaces in a way that suits them, doesn’t mean you have to. While these rooms might stand out as odd to you, try to forget that the seller lives there. Once they have moved out, that dining room will be a space that just needs a great light fixture and table; and the walk-in closet can be turned back into a bedroom in less than a day.

A Too-Strong Seller Presence

It can be difficult for a buyer to imagine themselves in a home if it is full of the seller’s photos, diplomas and other personal belongings. The best homes for buyers are those that are neutral and lacking any items specific to the owner.

It can be even worse when the seller is present at the showing, making everyone uncomfortable. Having the seller present at the showing can make the buyer feel like they need to be on their best behavior and can’t explore the house, dig deep into closets or cabinets, or feel free to talk out loud about what they see.

Homes that are too personalized or where the sellers are always present usually sit on the market and get a bad reputation over time. A smart buyer can use this to his or her advantage and snag a home below the asking price.

Sellers who sabotage their home sale — whether it be intentional or not — leave money on the table for the buyer. But consumers today typically have a difficult time seeing through a seller’s mess, personalized design style or custom changes.


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